The War on Error


The perils of the spellcheck-proof error… Some poor sub-editor was clearly at sea with his costs.

It can sometimes feel awfully pompous to pull people up on poor grammar, especially if English isn’t their native language. But, but, BUT… There’s no getting around the fact that it should say ‘stationery’ and ‘morning’ on this newsagent’s sign. And that’s that.

You wouldn’t expect a hospital to be overly concerned with the health of grammar and good spelling – after all, they’ve got far more important things to think about. But then again, while I’m happy to overlook the weird random capitalisation/pluralisation so beloved of official letter writers, when a there/their mix-up changes the sense of the sentence it’s more than just irksome. These letters are on TEMPLATE, so really, there’s no excuse.

It’s an old one, and it’s not even mine, but I still LOVE this. Even thinking about it makes me chuckle.

BA flies in the face of spellcheck.

A pedant’s landmark in London’s King’s Cross.


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