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Bottom of the class

Posted on: November 9, 2009


Creative blocks

From MailOnline:

They seemed the perfect toys to teach inquisitive young minds the basics of the ABC.

Unfortunately, even a child could spot something was seriously wrong with the set of alphabet building blocks.

The block for ‘U’ was marked with the word ‘umberlla’ under a colourful brolly, while the side for ‘Y’ had a boat sailing over the word ‘yatch’. A third face had some creative punctuation, with ‘X’ standing for X’mas tree.

Suzanne Toulson, 60, noticed the howlers after the £3.22 set of blocks was bought for her nine-month-old grand-daughter, Millie, from Morrisons in Dukinfield, Greater Manchester. She complained to the store but was initially told only that no more of the Chinese-made toys would be ordered.

However, Morrisons eventually backed down, and the misspelled blocks are being taken off the shelves of its 382 stores.


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