The War on Error

Sign of the times

Posted on: September 8, 2011

It can sometimes feel awfully pompous to pull people up on poor grammar, especially if English isn’t their native language. But, but, BUT… There’s no getting around the fact that it should say ‘stationery’ and ‘morning’ on this newsagent’s sign. And that’s that.


2 Responses to "Sign of the times"

Drives me crazy to see “stationary” instead of “stationery.” (BTW, this is really nitpicky, but I’m sure you’d want to know about your “mispelling” tag.)

Thanks Laura

Not nitpicky at all. Feel a bit pink-cheeked about it and could blame it on a thousand things, but won’t. If you dish it out, you gotta take it too…

Keep on snapping at the heels of Yahoo!

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