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A pedant’s landmark in London’s King’s Cross.

“Take them footwear off or you’re be sorry…” Country pub sign written by someone who knows more about cask conditioning and pickled eggs than they do apostrophes and effective font size (by no means a bad thing).

Interesting one. Because of the (presumably) misplaced apostrophe, this sign only refers to one parking bay. So if you went ahead and parked in one of the other bays, you technically wouldn’t be doing anything wrong. Right?

Sunday Times Style magazine, you make my weekend. But the downside of two leisure days means that by Sunday I’m scratching around for some kind of typo to feel unnecessarily superior about. Here’s this week’s – a common-or-garden it’s/its mix up.

Only goes to confirm Holiday Inn Express ain’t nuthin’ but a class act…

Posh fish supper? Maybe not tonight. The Saucy Fish Co are all at sea with their hyphens and apostrophes. Remember, SFC, there’s nothing less upmarket than packaging that has only been given a cursory glance over.


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