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It can sometimes feel awfully pompous to pull people up on poor grammar, especially if English isn’t their native language. But, but, BUT… There’s no getting around the fact that it should say ‘stationery’ and ‘morning’ on this newsagent’s sign. And that’s that.

BA flies in the face of spellcheck.

A pedant’s landmark in London’s King’s Cross.

Looks like this ‘exiting’ new bar on the ‘coroner’ of Beatty and Stoke Newington Road is dead cool (quite literally).

Thanks to @jamesbains

“Take them footwear off or you’re be sorry…” Country pub sign written by someone who knows more about cask conditioning and pickled eggs than they do apostrophes and effective font size (by no means a bad thing).

Ah – ‘inconveniece’, the long-lost relative of inconvenience.


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