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Peer ’embarassed’ by bank economists. BBC no doubt embarrassed by spelling mistake…


Looks like this ‘exiting’ new bar on the ‘coroner’ of Beatty and Stoke Newington Road is dead cool (quite literally).

Thanks to @jamesbains

Access must be a real problem with plants in and out doors (indoor! Outdoor! Both one word!). And when it comes to plurals, looks like sorry really is the hardest word.

This drinks list doesn’t get off to the best start – omitting a space after Coke in the first line and the interesting pluralisation of fruit. But Avian Water is inspired – could it be water sourced from the finest bird baths or has an ‘A’ just been used instead of an ‘E’? Either way, I bet it flies off the shelves.

“Who is wife is a..?” Ouch. Red faces all round on the Daily Mail subs’ desk. The difference between who’s and whose is kids’ stuff.

Well, they say exams get easier every year…


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