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The perils of the spellcheck-proof error… Some poor sub-editor was clearly at sea with his costs.


It’s an old one, and it’s not even mine, but I still LOVE this. Even thinking about it makes me chuckle.

Peer ’embarassed’ by bank economists. BBC no doubt embarrassed by spelling mistake…

Looks like this ‘exiting’ new bar on the ‘coroner’ of Beatty and Stoke Newington Road is dead cool (quite literally).

Thanks to @jamesbains

Sunday Times Style magazine, you make my weekend. But the downside of two leisure days means that by Sunday I’m scratching around for some kind of typo to feel unnecessarily superior about. Here’s this week’s – a common-or-garden it’s/its mix up.

Posh fish supper? Maybe not tonight. The Saucy Fish Co are all at sea with their hyphens and apostrophes. Remember, SFC, there’s nothing less upmarket than packaging that has only been given a cursory glance over.

“Who is wife is a..?” Ouch. Red faces all round on the Daily Mail subs’ desk. The difference between who’s and whose is kids’ stuff.


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