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A pedant’s landmark in London’s King’s Cross.


“Take them footwear off or you’re be sorry…” Country pub sign written by someone who knows more about cask conditioning and pickled eggs than they do apostrophes and effective font size (by no means a bad thing).

Access must be a real problem with plants in and out doors (indoor! Outdoor! Both one word!). And when it comes to plurals, looks like sorry really is the hardest word.

Interesting one. Because of the (presumably) misplaced apostrophe, this sign only refers to one parking bay. So if you went ahead and parked in one of the other bays, you technically wouldn’t be doing anything wrong. Right?

Only goes to confirm Holiday Inn Express ain’t nuthin’ but a class act…

‘Company’s’? Er, oops. The apostrophe isn’t working for JoJo Maman Bebe.

In yet another example of how the omission of a simple squiggle can change the meaning of a word, the pen scrawl on this poster reads: “Were a bunch of wankers with guns”. Sadly, even with the apostrophe reinstated it’s still a pretty rubbish piece of graffiti.

Point of interest, the word graffiti and its singular, graffito, are from the Italian word graffiato (‘scratched’).


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